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Metal Color
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Is it hard to get nail art? Yoonseul is a good choice to make your nails stand out more. Our special ring provides an alternative to nail art with a design that enhances the beauty of the fingertips. Experience elegance without nail art.




모든 시선을 사로잡고, 여러분의 개성을 표현할 준비를 하세요.

Get ready to captivate every gaze and express your individuality.



Style: Metal
Material: Metal
Color: Silver 
Size : One size





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Desert Edition

Pierre de lune.

2023 New Collection Launch

Yoonseul (윤슬) translates to a shimmering wave of light reflecting in the sunlight or moonlight in pure Korean. It represents the intersection of Korea's modern aesthetic sense and elegant design—a space where they illuminate each other, that is Yoonseul.

Expressing Freedom

As women, we always pay attention to beauty and expression through our nails. Due to busy schedules and professional constraints, we may not always get the nail art we desire. Yoonseul is a modern and simple alternative. We are here to help you confidently express yourself at all times.